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Take complete control of your Restaurant Operations and provide stellar guest experience to your customers by using a single restaurant management software

Point Of Sale

Point Of Sale

Cockpit App

Cockpit App

Online Ordering

Online Ordering

Feedback App

Feedback App

Delivery App

Delivery App

Marketing Platform

Marketing Platform

Our Software Key Features

POS employs state of art technology to ensure maximum efficiency in your restaurant operations

Google Drive Backup Google Drive Backup

Google Drive Backup

It's simple to access, manage, and recover your data in your own mail ID, and you have the option of setting up backup schedules. You also have access to modify your email address and may restore data in Google Drive.

What'sApp Integrated What'sApp Integrated

What'sApp Integrated

The primary goal of WhatsApp's features is to provide consumers their bills right away. They also allow users to monitor reports, share them with visitors as needed, and share the status of e-invoices.

Auto Server Computer Sync Auto Server Computer SyncE

Auto Server Computer Sync

enabling automatic synchronisation even when the server is not connected. focused primarily on maintaining client services like invoicing and report viewing even in the absence of a server.

Mobile Billing Mobile BillingY

Mobile Billing

Easy access from a mobile device to producing products, making purchases, receiving payments, maintaining physical stock, and viewing all information such as sales reports, denomination reports, etc.

Chain Of Store Billing Chain Of Store Billing

Chain Of Store Billing

An automated web-based programme created to link many retailers through offline/online. readily transferable in terms of data to many locations. accessibility given on specific days without using the internet as well

Live Sale Report Live Sale Report

Live Sale Report

Experience your live sale report wherever you are, merely utilising the offered "APP." viewable dashboard, item-by-item report, stock-by-item report, and xashier-by-xashier report.

E- Commerce Website IntegratedL E- Commerce Website Integrated

E- Commerce Website Integrated

Our programme has integrated features for managing orders, updating prices, creating stores and product listings, and creating inexpensive marketing campaigns. clients' ability to be flexible.

Cloud Based Billing Cloud Based Billing

Cloud Based Billing

Web-based application created only for online use. mobile accessibility is also accessible. swiftly in billing. operations based on flexible models, dependability, and sustainability. safe storage administration

Android POS Billing Android POS Billing

Android POS Billing

Cost-effective, portable, user-friendly, and available on touch screen monitors, tablets, and mobile devices. reliable and quick experience with payments and reporting.

Stock & Inventory

Stock & Inventory Management

All of the raw materials required to make the pen, including the ink, metal, and plastic utilised to make the components.

The term "stock" is used by BP Pen Company to describe completed pens that are kept and prepared to be sold in packages.

reporting and analytics

After being gathered, the data will be arranged using tools like graphs and tables. Reporting is the process of arranging this data. On the other hand, analytics is the act of using structured data and analysing it to discover important insights about how firms may enhance their performance.









Our Products

We are Chennai's top provider of retail billing software. Our retail management focuses on providing consumers with goods and services. It entails direct client engagement and manages business operations from product conception to delivery and after-sales care.

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